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George Gach: 1909 - 1996

Sculptor, painter, and European gentleman, the Hungarian-born artist, George Gach, was an extraordinary man who created over 1400 award -  winning unique bronze sculptures and 997 paintings between 1952-1996.  More than half of this body of work has already been sold.

Gach's art has classical and impressionistic styles.  His subjects include people, animals, dance, music, sports, polo, skating, cowboys, boats, cars, flowers, nudes, and locations in Long Island, Bermuda, Mexico, upstate New York, and Florida.  He has had 35 one-man shows including Hammer Gallery NY, Chicago, and Bermuda.

George Gach is listed in the Who's Who in American Art.  During his lifetime he won 50 awards including Gold Medals from the National Sculpture Society and Art Leagues in the New York area.  A graduate of the world reknown Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary, Gach traveled worldwide and was a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Beirut, Lebenon.

George's father was Hungarian sculptor S. Gach (1880-1962, listed Benezit). George had a love for life, loads of energy, a warm, hearty person always with a story to tell, a quick sense of humor, and was a great inspiration for artists and non-artists.   He taught art to over 700 people.  George met his future wife Eva while sculpting her father's portrait bust on his large country estate.  Geoge buzzed the estate while learning to fly.  During 1939 -1952, George was a commercial airline pilot.  He was shot down in 1944 and given up for dead.  George Gach's spirit , energy and art talent enabled him to escape from prisoner of war camps twice during WW II   and then from communists in 1947.  He was a man with nine lives.  Said of Gach, "He has nervous energy over which he has complete control."  His father also produced art as a prisoner in WW I.  George later went on to sculpt portrait busts of a president, a prime-minister, governors, corporate presidents, soccer star Pele, and others.  George is father of artist Susie Gach Peelle, and grandfather of sculptor - illustrator Evan Gach Peelle.  George Gach has a living wife, three children and six grandchildren.  George lived in Roslyn, New York on Long Island from 1952-1996 and was a citizen of the U.S.  His patriotism and strong character can be seen in his art.

Most of George's paintings are 60cm x 50cm (24" x 20").   Most of his bronze sculptures are table sized, 25cm to 40cm (10" to 16") high.

Some quotes about George Gach's work:

  "There is a great facility in his handling of action or figures and animals in motion"
  "His rhythmical bronzes are filled with humor and spontaneous presence"
  "Dynamic compositions", "warmth", "whimsey", "charm", "fluid movement"

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